Tarsha Short

For being a fantastic role model when representing her school at various Education week events.

David Nagle

David Nagle

For his exemplary Aussie 5’s while visiting the Marketplace with school.

Hawkins, Kaden

Kaden Hawkins

For acting responsibly when at school and in the community by always minding is manners and taking on additional responsibilities.

Stamford, Hayley

Hayley Stamford

For acting responsibly by ensuring that she and her younger siblings walk to and from school safely.

Todd, Tallon

Tallon Todd

For demonstrating is Respect for others by using his manners and considering others.

Tolovaa, Simoa Jr

Simoa Jr Tolovaa

For being a role model at school and in the community by being a Safe, Responsible Learner who shows Respect to everyone, everywhere, every time! Well done Simoa!

Castles, Brett

Brett Castles

For being a respectful and responsible role model while at Stewart House.

Mather, Brodi

Brodi Mather

For taking on the responsibility of younger students on school bus to ensure their safety.

Cummings, Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie Cummings

For being safety conscious by obeying road rules and wearing appropriate safety equipment while riding her scooter.

Walker, Alyssa-Jane

Alyssa-Jane Walker

For her honesty in returning a visa card she found.