New Megastar Shakes at Wendy’s

9897c02a-3b86-43d9-9928-ba79de54e618Get ready for some star-studded deliciousness – the Megastar Shakes are now available at Wendy’s.

The Sublime Split is the jumpiest of our Megastar band – but he’s very charming with a soothing voice!

Bubblegum Yum on the drum yumyum – he’s very energetic and we love him!

The prettiest and pinkest of all the Megastars – she loves all the attention!

The Megastar Shakes band wouldn’t be the same without the Heavenly Rainbow sprinkling her melodic guitar riffs to delight your taste buds.

Make sure to pop into Wendy’s today to give their Megastar Shakes a try (they crave the attention!)