MarketPlace is proud to partner with our local schools in the Raymond Terrace Community PBL program. Each week 1 child from each of the 9 participating schools will be awarded a MarketPlace Certificate together with a $5 MarketPlace Gift Voucher and a Greater Bank $5 voucher, Bakers Delight Achievement award and a Michel’s Patisserie & Café voucher for a milkshake and treat for doing something good at school or within the community.

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This week’s MarketPlace PBL Stars Award Winners are:

HRHS Photo

Jahli Magick

Nominated for her outstanding efforts in coordinating and supporting Hunter River High School’s efforts to rebuild a community in Tonga, which was devastated by a cyclone. Great work Jahli!

IHS Photo

Riley Neil

For being an outstanding all round student for his leadership qualities and involvement at all things at school, including the SRC and as Showcase Ambassador

IPS Photo

Emily Whiddon

For her awareness of the effects of the drought on the farmers by promoting a fundraiser at school.

RTPS Photo

Brock Bailey

For displaying sportsmanship at the recent touch football gala day and showing respect in the community to the referees and opposing team members.

GPS Photo

Michiko Versluis

For assisting all day at the Port Stephens PSSA Zone field athletics carnival.

MPS Photo

Nate Blundell

For finding a wallet with a large amount of money in it and for then returning it to the rightful owner.

SPS Photo

Lunetta Cutajar

Lunetta found a school jumper on the bus. She then took it to a teacher who was able to determine who owned it. It was then returned to its rightful owner.

SAPS Photo

Annabella Barton

For always displaying outstanding behaviour. She is a role model for all students at Salt Ash Public School, consistently being a positive, respectful and safe learner.

KPS Photo

Rachel Lilley

For representing Karuah Public School at the Zone Athletics. Rachel stepped up to participate in the relay race when the team was short. Rachel always follows the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Pride at school and in the community. A very deserving award.

Community PBL

The program now also awards a community member each week from each school. The community member is given a certificate and Michels Patisserie & café voucher for a free coffee and cake of the day.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners.

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Love this place….for rewarding PBL Stars.