MarketPlace is proud to partner with our local schools in the Raymond Terrace Community PBL program. Each week 1 child from each of the 9 participating schools will be awarded a MarketPlace Certificate together with a $5 MarketPlace Gift Voucher and a Greater Bank $5 voucher, Bakers Delight Achievement award and a Michel’s Patisserie & Café voucher for a milkshake and treat for doing something good at school or within the community.

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This week’s MarketPlace PBL Stars Award Winners are:

HRHS Photo

Telia Dolstra

Awarded for her contribution to the Raymond Terrace Community initiative for Remembrance Day 2019. Thank you Telia for your hard work!

IHS Photo

Sibella Rowan

Sibella is actively and happily involved in numerous programs at school including the Lead the Cycle 2 Recycle campaign and CAPA, consistently displaying our school expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best. Congratulations Sibella!

IPS Photo

Nayte Pankhurst-Smith

For the Respect that he demonstrated for the local environment, Nayte used his own initiative and collected rubbish around the local area and disposed of it properly on his way home from school. Well done Nayte!

RTPS Photo

Clair Dyson

For demonstrating the PBL Community values of Acting Responsibly and showing Respect when performing at the Hunter River Showcase.

Jaxon Speering

For reading with the Steps for starting school children.

MPS Photo

Abby Keeley

For showing a respectful and responsible attitude during band practices and performances. Abby has mentored new band members this year and always sets and packs up band equipment. She does this both inside and outside the school setting without being asked. Well done!

SPS Photo

Kanye Knox

Kanye was a fabulous help whilst stage 3 were on camp. Kanye took on the responsibility of all jobs while the students were away.

SAPS Photo

Lylah Martyn

For always demonstrating what it means to be a nice friend to all of her peers. She displays these values each and every day at school and in the community.

KPS Photo

Tequarn Tickner

Tequarn was observed with outstanding manners in the community whilst attending the swim scheme program. He was holding the gate open, not only for his peers but for the general public as well. Tequarn always displays a caring nature. A very deserving award.

Community PBL

The program now also awards a community member each week from each school. The community member is given a certificate and Michels Patisserie & café voucher for a free coffee and cake of the day.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners.

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Love this place….for rewarding PBL Stars.