MarketPlace is proud to partner with our local schools in the Raymond Terrace Community PBL program. Each week 1 child from each of the 5 participating schools will be awarded a MarketPlace Certificate together with a $5 MarketPlace Gift Voucher and a Greater Bank $5 voucher, Bakers Delight Achievement award and a Michel’s Patisserie & Café voucher for a milkshake and treat for doing something good at school or within the community.

For further information and updates click the link for PBL’s Facebook page.

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This week’s MarketPlace PBL Stars Award Winners are:

Webb, Felicity

Felicity Webb

Awarded for raising awareness of the ‘Riding for the Disabled’ Association. Great work Felicity!


Johanne Montanno

For representing our school with pride, passion and dignity at the Lions Youth of the Year competition.

blake green

Blake Green

For being a supportive student to others throughout swim school.

Whitter, Claire

Claire Whitter

For being conscious of her safety and the safety of  others at the pool during swim school.

Wallace, Jake

Jake Wallace

For rescuing a puppy and returning it to its owner.

Community PBL

The program now also awards a community member each week from each school. The community member is given a certificate and Michels Patisserie & café voucher for a free coffee and cake of the day.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners.

To see the previous Award Winners simply click on any of the school emblems

Click here to view our gallery of the PBL Stars accepting their award certificate and voucher.

Love this place….for rewarding PBL Stars.