MarketPlace is proud to partner with our local schools in the Raymond Terrace Community PBL program. Each week 1 child from each of the 9 participating schools will be awarded a MarketPlace Certificate together with a $5 MarketPlace Gift Voucher and a Greater Bank $5 voucher, Bakers Delight Achievement award and a Michel’s Patisserie & Café voucher for a milkshake and treat for doing something good at school or within the community.

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This week’s MarketPlace PBL Stars Award Winners are:

HRHS Photo

Amber Lee Sloss

Nominated for her positive and successful efforts in representing Hunter River High School at the Makers Festival in Newcastle. Amber Lee is to be congratulated for her ability in conducting mature conversations with industry representatives about her own goals and the goals of Hunter River High School’s P-TECH programs. Well done Amber Lee!

IHS Photo

Selman Hassan

For being an outstanding and community minded young man, involved in many activities in and out of school including; SRC, debating, public speaking and representative sport whilst consistently displaying our school PBL values.

IPS Photo

Sage Farina

For the Respect that he demonstrated for the local environment. Sage used his own initiative and collected rubbish around the local area and disposed of it properly on his way home from school. Well done Sage!

RTPS Photo

Destiny Direen

For displaying the PBL Community rules of Trust, Responsibility and Respect in fundraising for drought stricken farmers.

GPS Photo

Liam Bennett

For his efforts in raising money to support the farmers by recycling cans and bottles.

MPS Photo

Owen Humble

For stopping a queue of children to let a lady enter the Medowie Woolworths.

SPS Photo

Larni Kennedy

Larni found a considerable amount of money at school and handed it in to a teacher. Larni was also nominated because of her friendly manner and she way she greets everyone at Seaham Public School.

SAPS Photo

Sophie Robinson

For displaying integrity in all situations. Sophie is always a positive, respectful and safe learner at school and in the community.

KPS Photo

Joshua Dickson

Joshua was an outstanding support person during our Dance 2 B Fit concert. Joshua assisted on the day of the concert to make sure everything ran smoothly. Joshua is always offering assistance and nothing is ever too much trouble for him.

Community PBL

The program now also awards a community member each week from each school. The community member is given a certificate and Michels Patisserie & café voucher for a free coffee and cake of the day.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners.

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Love this place….for rewarding PBL Stars.