5 for $5 at Subway

$5EDV_Static_600x600_Post#1BHungry, but don’t want to break the
budget? Subway® has the deal for you!

Choose one of the following five Subway
Six Inch® subs for just $5.00: Roast Beef,
Pizza Melt, Tuna & Mayo, Veggie Delite®
with Avo and Leg Ham.

Available ALL day EVERY day! That’s sure to satisfy both your hunger and your budget!


The Ultimate Winter at Subway

Subway_WINTER_CHEESY_600x600px_Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread

Introducing the new Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sub from Subway®.

Garlic bread, triple cheese, all melty and bubbling to perfection, then filled with your favourite ingredients.

Give in to the “hashtag sublyf”, you know you want to.

Subway_WINTER_COOKIE_600x600px_Salted Caramel Flavoured Cookie

Attention smart cookies. Now at Subway®, the NEW, limited edition Salted Caramel flavoured cookie!

Filled with large chunks of flavoured caramel confectionery and bursts of salt, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty deliciousness.

They’re only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out and grab one at Subway® before they’re gone!

Subway_WINTER_M&C_AU_600x600pxMilk & Cookies Combo

Nothing is a more perfect match than milk and cookies. Hashtag couple goals!

So now at Subway®, it’s time to feel the love. Get your hands on any 500ml milk and any two of your favourite cookies, all for just $5!

Love doesn’t always last forever. In fact, it lasts for a limited time, only, so pick up your milk and cookies at Subway® today.


Double Down @ Dinner at Subway

subway-double-down-dinnerDouble Down @ Dinner with 2 selected Hot Grilled Paninis or 2 Subway Footlong® Subs for just $17.95 after 4pm! You can mix and match to make your perfect dinner combination. So grab a friend and head into Subway® tonight to create your perfect pair.

Dinner Deal Paninis include: Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Pizza Melt, Buffalo Chicken and Mediterranean Veg.