MarketPlace is proud to partner with our local schools in the Raymond Terrace Community PBL program. Each week 1 child from each of the 9 participating schools will be awarded a MarketPlace Certificate together with a $5 MarketPlace Gift Voucher and a Greater Bank $5 voucher, Bakers Delight Achievement award and a Michel’s Patisserie & Café voucher for a milkshake and treat for doing something good at school or within the community.

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This week’s MarketPlace PBL Stars Award Winners are:

HRHS Photo

Bethany Sarginson

Nominated for volunteering her time on Election Day to run the canteen and raise money for a local school. Great Job, Bethany!

IHS Photo

Ellie Ping

Nominated by MarketPlace Management for being very responsible and extremely helpful  when assisting staff by taking Week 1 PBL photos.

IPS Photo

Ivy Brewer-Dunn

For her contributions to the school P & C on election day. Ivy assisted in raising over $1000 for the school.Well done Ivy!

RTPS Photo

Leilani Latu

Leilani found a piece of jewelry when on a class excursion to the local river bank. Leilani handed the jewelry to her teacher and fortunately the owner was located after reporting that it had been lost.

GPS Photo

Nate Piening

Nate is always offering to help in our school canteen. He takes great cares of our chickens and ensures they are well fed and safe.

MPS Photo

Marlie Johnson

Marlie was observed showing beautiful, caring manners and empathy to a fellow student.

SPS Photo

Hamish Witcomb

During a recent inter school debate Hamish welcomed the opposing debating team with wonderful manners. He opened the door for the visiting teachers and students and generally made them feel welcome.

SAPS Photo

Aleisha Hockey

For always encouraging others to do their best, at school and in the community.

KPS Photo

Kyzaiah Sing

Kyzaiah attends an out of school homework centre. He is always trying his best and is always polite to Michelle who runs the centre. It is great to see Kyzaiah displaying Respect, Responsibility and Pride in the community.

Community PBL

The program now also awards a community member each week from each school. The community member is given a certificate and Michels Patisserie & café voucher for a free coffee and cake of the day.

Congratulations to this week’s award winners.

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Love this place….for rewarding PBL Stars.